Devlog #2 – Camera effects, Explosions and more!

Devlog #2 – Camera effects, Explosions and more!

Hello Captains!

I had a concept from somewhere, but I don’t know specifically from where, I just remembered the effect, where inside of some object are shown when you zoom in. So that’s how I decided to do it in my game. I want ships to be visible from the outside, so they could have some outside details, not just a ship made of cubes.

Right now it’s a placeholder model I grabbed from Google’s Poly (check it out, it has awesome models for your prototyping needs), but in the future when I have someone to do my art, I will have an array of modular ships where you could attach weapons, upgrades, and lots more.

Everyone who was attentive enough maybe saw my tweets on my effects that I’ve been doing lately. So I was also busy doing explosion effects for torpedos and arsenal that Into the Deep will have. I won’t go into details about weapons right now, because I didn’t do much work on that, just basic prototypes for torpedos, depth charges, and stuff. But here’s a sneak peek at the explosion effect.

What’s next on the table?

Well, I want to work on my game loop, I want to gather some interest from around the interwebs. So I will be working on game loop related stuff like AI, semi procedural world systems, basic objectives (for now). And when I get tired of those some eye-candy effects, maybe even models for you to see. I DO want to show you something every now and then, but I am too invested in the core system that might seem boring to you 🙂

See ya next time!

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