For now it is a project that I work on my free time. But I want it to become the only thing that I focus on right now. So feel free to donate and let me share my creativity with You, let me dedicate all my time to this project and see my dream come true.


BTC 1MnBWXVpB61aSJRysRT3zWZaKt427mk6Sw

ETH 0x160725bCa8b2910ceCF3f46Fe4B9D7852f9c388a

LTC: LdzBFWRh6QjSujajv1ZCkm92BJ83KQW4zM

I want to make this a community driven development. So I will be 100% open about everything, where I spend the donated money (monthly report), why there are delays (I hope we never come  to that), what are my current and future goals. I will credit all the donators who don’t want to be anonymous.